Buffet R13 Clarinets

Buffet Crampon R13 LogoOne of the most widely used professional clarinets in the world, the Buffet R13 has a reputation for excellence in the quality of its tone and construction and is known for its rich and powerful sound in all registers.

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While it is a professional grade clarinet it is sometimes referred to as an entry-level pro instrument. It’s a little less expensive than higher end pro horns and more affordable for experienced amateurs and dedicated music students.

However the R13 also comes in very high end professional varieties such as the Prestige, played by many professionals in orchestras and other musical genres.

Buffet R13 clarinets are made from Grenadilla wood chosen not only for its acoustic qualities but also for the way it looks. After all, don’t we all want our clarinets to look as well as sound beautiful?  To show off that wood to full effect Buffet does not stain the wood on R13s. They are also available in Greenline, Buffet’s innovative wood fiber bonding technology that means you can have a wood clarinet which is more durable than most while being less destructive to precious Grenadilla wood sources.

The look of the R13 is enhanced with silver plated keys, although the clarinet is also available with nickel plated keys which lower the price by a couple of hundred dollars.

R13’s include the Vintage, Prestige and Festival. Most are  available in the keys of Bflat, A and Eflat, and some variations come in other keys as well.