Serial Numbers

Buffet R13 Serial Numbers

You can’t tell from some of the Buffet serial numbers if your instrument is indeed an R13.  Buffet didn’t always label them clearly as R13s and there is debate about the exact time they went into production and whether they overlap production of some pre-R13 models.

While some serial numbers in the 50000 series of numbers could be R 13 you may have to consult an expert to find out for sure.  Once you get into the 60000 series of numbers and you have the correct logo, the default Buffet Crampon logo with no model designation, it’s much more likely to be an R13.

More recent models are clearly labelled R 13.

Buffet Crampon used to have a serial number look-up feature on the company website, but this has been removed. Not very helpful, Buffet!

Here’s a bulletin board discussion that talks about the difficulty in identifying R13s. It may or may not  be helpful but you’ll get an idea of what you’re up against.